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Support the bill to stop the sharing of private student data

As reported in Reuters and the Daily News, NY State and NYC DOE plan to share the most private, sensitive, and personally identifiable student and teacher data with a company called inBloom Inc. which will store it on a vulnerable “data cloud” and make it available to commercial vendors.

Assembly Member O’Donnell has submitted a Bill to block this: A.6059.

The data collected and shared will include children identified by name, address, phone; test scores, grades, disability status, detailed disciplinary records, economic status and race.

All this is happening without parental notification or consent.

Please call your Assemblymember now and ask him or her to co-sponsor the Student Privacy Protection Bill A.6059.

Just go to for their contact information.

Any questions or for more information, please call Class Size Matters at 212-674-7320 or email us at

2 Responses to “Support the bill to stop the sharing of private student data”

  1. Camille

    Hi Carol. I called my senator to support S4284. Is this the same bill?


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