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Julie A. Gorlewski, Assistant Professor at New Paltz writes to SED and the Governor

In a recent update to the thousands who signed the principals’ letter, I encouraged others to write about their concerns to the Governor and SED regarding the Regents Reform agenda.

Below is a letter written by Julie A. Gorlewski, Assistant Professor at New Paltz.

Let’s make this the summer of a thousand voices. Write. You can find all of the email addresses you need at

June 23, 2013

Dear Andrew Cuomo, John King and the Board of Regents,

Please consider the voices of educators who are expressing concerns about the implementation of the

Common Core Standards. These standards are not beneficial for students, learning, or schools. If you are

dedicated to the well-being of children and the future of our society, you will attend to these issues and

refuse the Common Core.

1. The CCSS were not developed by educators; they were written by appointees representing

philanthropists, corporations, and politicians. These groups support the Common Core because

they stand to benefit from its implementation.


2. The CCSS have not been piloted, researched, or proven to enhance the educational experiences of

students. Projected achievement gains are pure speculation, intended to market the CCSS product

to maximize profits related to CCSS implementation. The rush to execute and assess the CCSS

distracts from their lack of validity. In an era saturated by rhetoric of accountability, the lack of

evidence of effectiveness is both ironic and troubling.


3. The CCSS represent a corrupt and devious means of implementing a national curriculum and

set of assessments. The use of the term “State” in the CCSS title is propaganda. This national

curriculum fails to acknowledge the diverse nature of U.S. society, much less advocate for those

already marginalized. Moreover, this national curriculum will not affect elite private schools; it is

meant only for the children of commoners – the 99%.


4. The Race to the Top program, to which the CCSS are tied, is diverting funds from alreadystrapped public school budgets. Curriculum materials, assessments, and data analysis systems are displacing comprehensive education systems, narrowing curriculum, and leading to large

class sizes. Public funds are shifting from public schools to private corporations – curriculum

developers, test makers, and charter school management organizations.


5. CCSS are part of the effort to deprofessionalized education, to recreate teaching as a technocratic

activity and minimize the kinds of critical, creative instruction that might cultivate critical,

creative citizens who question the status quo and might reject the current movements toward

standardization and privatization.


Please stop the Race to the Top. Stop the Common Core. Serve the citizens of New York State by doing

what is right for our children.



Julie Gorlewski


Julie A. Gorlewski, Ph.D.


Assistant Professor


Department of Secondary Education


Incoming Co-Editor of English Journal


SUNY New Paltz


800 Hawk Drive


Old Main 321B


New Paltz, NY 12561

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