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Elementary principal emails the commissioner….but no reply.

Terence Tyron emailed John King.  It was a long and thoughtful email. But he received no reply.

The prinicpals’ letter signed by 1500 principals got no reply.

Emails about the common core, letters about APPR, letters about the ESEA waiver, emails about testing…..

All of the letters, emails and position papers get no reply.  And so Terence sent this email below. Thanks for taking the time to read it. No one in Albany will.

Dr. King:
Again, I think your attention to the victims of super storm Sandy is admirable.  I applaud your efforts to bring attention to the people impacted by storm.  I wish you were investing the same amount of energy and effort in addressing the transition toward the Common Core State Standards (CCSS)and Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) being forced upon school districts.
With every “roll out” of information meant to assist teaching professionals as they try prepare their students to meet with success under the new CCSS it appears the State Education Department (SED) has either changed or withdrawn the information.  This has greatly damaged the credibility and integrity of SED.  Why is SED acting in such an irresponsible manner?  Educators across the state are trying desperately to gain the essential knowledge needed to professionally prepare the students in their care, yet that information in many cases is not available, These are the same professionals who will be evaluated to some extent based on tests that include information not yet available to them. Really?
I am choosing to end my reply at this point since I am not sure you, or a representative from your office, will review this, since I never received a response to my last email.  It makes me wonder where we are headed.  At this point all I do know is that the professional educators in New York are not being treated in a professional manner.  I look forward to your response.
Terence Tryon, Principal Eggert Road Elementary School

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