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The Poughkeepsie Five–Not a Special Interest

Five parents spoke at the hearing in Poughkeepsie. They spoke because they love their children and their public schools.  Last night they sent me this email….

Dear Ms. Burris,

I am writing in regard to our concerns about Common Core and NYSED Commissioner King.

On October 10, 2013, at a Town Hall event sponsored by the NYSPTA in Poughkeepsie New York,  5 parents spoke at the microphone before Commissioner John King, Jr. in an effort to advocate for our own children and/or the teachers, administrators and students in our communities.
In light of certain statements made in the press by Commissioner King, about the 5 of us, and controversy that has ensued in the aftermath of that event, we would like take this opportunity to comment and clarify a few things publicly.Attached, please find our joint statement and comments in regard to the upcoming NYSED forums and our experiences for your information. Below, please find relevant links.

We thank you in advance for advocating and consulting on education matters honestly and with integrity. Your efforts are appreciated.

Anna Shah
Jennifer Kaufman
Mikey Jackson
Joanne Tumolo
Jolyn Safron
Here is a link to their statement….
It is shameful that they were labelled ‘a special interest’.

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