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Why voting for Governor matters (and who will get my vote)

On Tuesday, I will vote for the Green candidates, Hawkins and Jones.  I am not a socialist, but rather a mainstream Democrat who is progressive on social issues.  This is not to say that Hawkins and Jones are not thoughtful leaders–I just do not share their economic philosophy.  Differences aside, however, they will get my vote.

I have given this vote serious consideration.  I met Republican Rob Astorino and I found him to be likable and smart.  Frankly, I do not believe he would be a threat to public education or bargaining rights–he does not appear to have any axe to grind with public schools like the present Governor.  Likewise, Libertarian Michael McDermott is a man who believes in the local control of education.  He is very good on education issues, and after years of federal meddling in our schools, I must admit that I have a growing Libertarian streak myself.

I made my final decision because I think by voting Green I will send the Democratic Party the strongest message that I can.  Cuomo will likely win, but he and his Democratic colleagues will know that a very large percentage of Green votes could have been theirs.

In this election, who teachers vote for may not matter.  Cuomo has a substantial lead.  In others it surely will.  Democrats, especially Andrew Cuomo, have become increasingly hostile to public schools and the educators who work in them.  Suburban moms, a group that often swings elections, have been insulted for questioning the agenda and the Common Core by Arne Duncan.  His remark went unchallenged by both Cuomo and the President.  The Democratic Party will be closely watched.

Although I am Pro-Choice, I have watched how Pro-Life voters have voted their convictions.  At first their impact was small, now it is one of the defining issues in elections.

I have never been a one issue voter.  I am now.  I am a Pro-Public Schools voter. I will not be alone.

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