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Governor Cuomo, if Long Island were a state…

Andrew Cuomo is angry that Long Island teachers get high ratings.  He forgets that Long Island schools bring accolades to the state of New York.  I wonder where his test scores would be without Long Island teachers.  Here are some facts he should consider. Governor, if Long Island were a state..

If Long Island were a state, we would be ranked #1 in high school completion rate.

If Long Island were a state, we would be ranked #1 in Intel Semifinalists.

If Long Island were a state, we would be ranked #2 in Siemens Semifinalists.

Students earning a Regents Diploma with Advanced Designation

The 2012 Long Island Index reported that Long Island outperforms the rest of New York State on the College Readiness indicator by 11 percentage points.

Newsweek compiled a list of the Best High Schools in America. 19 high schools from New York made the top 100. Nine, or 47% of the NY schools are from Long Island.

21 Long Island high schools rank in the top 300 of America’s best schools.

The Washington Post ranked the top 1,900 high schools in the United States. The top 7% of 27,000 schools includes 54 Long Island high schools.

Nearly half (54 of 116) of the high schools on Long Island are among the top schools identified by The Washington Post.

If Long Island were a state…. we would be a lot more demanding when selecting a Governor. Thank you to the Half Hollow Hills TA that posted these stats.

4 Responses to “Governor Cuomo, if Long Island were a state…”

  1. Mary Reynolds

    The College Readiness stat is accompanied by a chart of participation in NYSSMA. This might be an error?

  2. Mike Pekor

    Governor Cuomo –
    Children arrive to school in the condition that their first few years of life have left them. Fortunately, many children do receive all of the love, affection, time, energy and commitment from their parent or parents all G the way. Some children are also blessed with good genetics and a healthy, perfectly functioning body, brain and psyche. Thank God.

    Unfortunately, not every child is so lucky. Bad luck, poor genetics, difficult family situations, trauma, poor living conditions, abuse, drugs, loss, mental illness… These are realities for many students. A student’s ability to focus on schoolwork is greatly compromised when these challenges exist. Anyway…

    Many kids “have 99 problems but their teacher ain’t one”. ☺

  3. Chris Tavolaro

    Andrew, you are looking in the wrong places to fix what you think is wrong with education. Andy… Were your law professors inadequate because you failed the bar 4 times , or did you have to dig deeper as a student and develop your own inner fortitude to finally pass it on the fifth time. Food for thought….

  4. Michele

    Mr. Cuomo, you suffer from the Obama syndrome. Take from those who have a little. Bring an entire nation down to the DUMB level. You sure do like the tax money you get from Long Islanders! If you make us too dumb, we won’t be able to support your state any longer!


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