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A recording of a superintendent who likens Opt Out to parents who don’t like Halloween or Christmas

I have heard some reasonable arguments against Opt Out.  While I may not agree with the speaker, I understand their reasoned point of view.  Sadly, many of the superintendents who are fighting parents who exercise their right to refuse are unreasonable.

What follows is the strangest argument I ever heard.  This superintendent argues that parents opting out are like parents who do not want their children in a Halloween parade or at a Christmas party in school.

I find that odd.  A Pearson test might be a trick, but it is not a treat.

You can hear this defense of testing here beginning at about minute 21.  This recording of a public meeting was made by parent, Charlene Smith. After likening Opt Out to not participating in holidays, the Superintendent of Otselic Valley Schools then tells the crowd that whatever the law is he will follow it and the law says kids must be tested.

Ms. Smith, whose children attend his schools is determined to opt them out.  She has the lawful right to refuse the tests. Ms Smith is the mom whom this superintendent threatened to ban from emailing the school when she sent a polite letter saying they would opt out.

Shouldn’t he obey the law that lets her refuse?  I think he is confused.  Too many Halloween parades perhaps?

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