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Vote Kaminsky in NY S9: Defeat “Students First” Backed Candidate

If you live in New York’s 9th senatorial district and you care about your public schools, your choice is clear. On April 19, vote for Todd Kaminsky.

This is not just about a choice between Kaminsky and McGrath.  This is a vote to decide whether you will control your public schools, or NYC hedgefund managers and friends of Michelle Rhee will be in charge.

This is vote between real pushback against the Common Core and testing, or a vote to keep John Flanagan who supports the Common Core, testing and charter schools in charge of the Senate.  Next to Andrew Cuomo, no Albany politician has done more damage to public schools than Flanagan.  But if Kaminsky is elected, the Senate leadership tips, and Flanagan no longer runs the show.  And that is why friends of Michelle Rhee and the deep pockets who undermine our public schools are so afraid. And so they have started dumping a fortune into this local race.

Don’t just believe me. Look at the proof.  You know what Students First stands for—the Common Core, testing, evaluating and firing teachers based on test scores and charter schools.  It was founded by Michelle Rhee, the former Chancellor of DC Schools, who prided herself on firing teachers.

Students First, a national organization cannot give money directly to candidates in New York.  So they formed a PAC with a clever name that hides who they are.  It is called New Yorkers for a Balanced Albany, a name chosen to mask their anti-public school agenda. Read about the Students First NY PAC and what they stand for here.

And last week the Students First PAC spent well over one million dollars to buy ads against Todd Kaminsky. 

 Why would a national pro Common Core, anti-public school group spend so much money on a local race between two relatively unknown candidates?  They invested over a million dollars in this race because they know they can count on John Flanagan to push their agenda.  And after dumping over one million dollars to defeat Kaminsky, if McGrath is elected, they will surely own him as well.

Please don’t get hung up on party affiliations, or how someone voted in the past.  If you care about your local public schools and stopping the testing that is destroying them, your vote is an easy one.

Vote for Todd Kaminsky on April 19.

Read Diane Ravitch’s endorsement here which provides even more of the facts.



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