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I was a high school principal for 15 years, and before that a Spanish teacher at the middle and high school levels. In 2013, I was chosen as the New York State High School Principal of the Year by my colleagues. I am now the Executive Director of the Network for Public Education Fund.  I am a fellow with the National Education Policy Center, which I think is the best education think tank around. I am the co-director of their Schools of Opportunity program.

Our daughters went to public school, and our granddaughter attends public school.  I am the co-author of two books on Equity, Detracking for Excellence and Equity and one on the Common Core, which has good teaching tips, but because I no longer support the Common Core, I am not comfortable promoting it.

I am most proud of my recent book, On the Same Track: How to Join the 21st Century Struggle against Re-segregation.  You can find it here: have authored or co-authored many articles and chapters on equity and integration.  I am convinced that the present corporate reforms based on high stakes testing have the potential to destroy public education especially for our most vulnerable students. I frequently guest blog on the Washington Post’s, The Answersheet. You can follow me on twitter @carolburris

14 Responses to “About me”

  1. dbpigtail

    Thank you, Carol, for having the courage to stand up for what you believe! I just signed your petition. I am looking forward to an end to the madness of high-stakes testing, and to the corporate reforms, which I also believe is not doing anything positive for public education.

  2. Mom/Educator

    Hi Carol, I signed and shared. Am passionate about fighting this testing and privatization of public schools.
    Is there a way to follow the petition, as to see how many have signed?

  3. Kerian Carlstrom - Locust Valley

    I just signed your petition, and have asked all of the Parent Councils in our district to send it to every parent. I also sent to people in Manhasset.

  4. Julie F.

    I have signed your petition and it has also been posted a few times on a blog created by parents/educators/school board member in our district: While looking for more advocacy info., I stumbled upon the NY Principals site. Can parents/others sign their names to the Support the NYS Testing (or more accurately, I Don’t Support the NYS Testing!) petition? (I don’t see a space for that, as I did in the Support the APPR paper).

  5. Aurora

    Hi Carol,

    My sister Rebecca is a filmmaker — and proud product of the NJ public schools. She recently released the “School Closure Playbook,” a film essay about the privatization of public schools in Chicago:

    The piece uses Chicago to explore the broader neoliberal campaign against public schools, focusing on how education “reformers” manufactured a budget crisis through a combination of creative accounting, secretive tax schemes (specifically TIF), and media cooperation. It also looks at some of the organizing that developed to regain local control of schools (and contributed to forcing Rahm Emanuel into a run-off election!).

    With the run-off mayoral election in Chicago happening a week from today, I’m trying to do a bit of publicity for the film to raise awareness about Emanuel’s closure of 50 public schools. But I also am hoping to reach a national audience, because as you know (or more accurately, as I know from reading your blog), the same “ed reform” playbook of closures & privatization is being carried out in NJ, NY, and across the country.

    I’d be honored if you would take a look and consider posting it or linking on your blog, or just passing it around your networks to anyone who might be interested.

    Thanks so much!


  6. Ellen Lubic

    Madeline Hunter would be so proud of you. Still wish you would come to LA and help us straighten up the huge mess that is LAUSD. You are a true American hero.

  7. anthonymize

    Hi Carol, I appreciate the voice and power in which you speak on education. I am a teacher wrongly accused in Vergara vs. State of California. Please check out my blog where I write about my inclusion in the case. Thank you for your time – your wisdom is much appreciated! – Anthony Mize


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